How to book

To select and find an event, look for a key word in the search field. (e.g.: 'Rossi' or 'Ros' to look for Vasco Rossi or any 'Rossi' is inserted in the description of the ticket).
In order to further define your search, insert several keywords separated by a space (e.g. 'Vasco Rossi' to exclusively search for 'Vasco Rossi'.

If you want to purchase tickets for an event by selecting it from our Cartellone display, simply 'click' directly on the desired image and a list of types of available tickets will appear.

Select your ticket with the Select button, choose your seat in the seating plan (when available) and check the types of delivery available for the selected event in the notes (ticket office and/or home delivery).
The ticket is added to your order only when the Confirm key is pressed.

Important notice: Showing the seating plan requires FlashPlayer ad is not available for iPhone and iPad. In this case "best seat" allocation will be automatically activated.
Fill in all the compulsory fields, reading the instructions for every section carefully.

NB: Select exclusively the method of delivery specified in the details for the selected ticket. Any non-conforming order will not be accepted.
When you have completed the order form, use the Confirm button to confirm.
The following page provides a summary of the data before proceeding to payment.
When you have checked that the inserted data is correct, press the Confirm button again.
A new page will open activating the connection with the virtual banking counter of the BankPass payment system. The booking and purchasing procedure on the BOXOL.IT site has therefore finished, and the order has been recorded, waiting for payment authorization.

On the BankPass page, select 'Payment by credit card' and insert your card data. At the end of the procedure an email showing the payment authorization will be sent to you by BankPass.

NB: order confirmation and the debiting of the authorized amount is done at a later time by BOXOL.IT.
Confirmation is given only after verifying that there are no errors in the booking, or that the selected ticket is no longer available. In this cases, and in similar circumstances, BOXOL.IT will not proceed with the confirmation and no debiting will be done on your credit card.