Tickets delivery

Modalities of delivery and use of online purchased tickets can vary from event to event. The choice is made during the process and is binding, not modifiable after purchase. 
Every event in sale may allow for one or more of the following modalities :
1. Collection at the Ticket office - this allows tickets purchased on-line to be collected from a ticket desk at the place of the event, on the day of the event, generally a short time before the doors are due to open, and at least 15 minutes before the event commences. 
In this case purchases can also be made on-line until the day preceding the event, according to availability. For ticket office collection, a printed copy of the e-mail sales confirmation (see order confirmation below) accompanied by a photo identity document is required. The aforesaid order confirmation does not in any case constitute a right of access to the event, and must be exchanged before entering the event venue, for a regular ticket (or regular Right of Access). 
2. Home delivery - this is generally made by express delivery or by other delivery services. It can be selected up to about 10 days before the event, to allow for adequate delivery time. 
For home delivery, BOXOL.IT is responsible for the tickets, up to delivery to the Delivery Service or Postal Office, after which BOXOL.IT declines any type of responsibility in cases in which delivery of ordered tickets does not take place.
3. Digital (paperless) ticket to be self-printed - this type of ticket is sent as attached PDF document to the ORDER CONFIRMATION mail at the e-mail address used in the BOXOL registration form.
The ticket so printed MUST be exhibited directly to the staff who controls the access to the event. A photo ID may be required.